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Sweetness brings delight in our lives. We all used to have something sweet on any good occasion. When we celebrate our birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion we cut the cake to cherish the special moment or memory. Bakeries in Jalpaiguri bakes wide varieties of cakes, muffins, pastries and cookies. Nowadays homemade bakeries are flourishing in the market.

TruelyVerified brings you the list of best bakers in Jalpaiguri. There are many bakeries with their unique styles in baking. They offer customizing cake service, now you can have your choice and your own cake design. With the average range price all the bakeries in Jalpaiguri give the best service.


Online service: Due to pandemic and lockdown we started online delivery for the convenience of people and now people love our online service.

Customizing cake: Our Bakeries in Jalpaiguri do custom cakes and we offer you the option of customizing cakes and muffins.

Re-order: If you had an amazing experience with our bakery you can re-order online through our website.

Healthy Snacks: Our bakeries provide healthier versions of snacks, muffins, pastries etc. We provide gluten free, vegan products.

Payment methods: Bakeries in Jalpaiguri accept any payment methods like card, cash, online etc.

Bakers of Jalpaiguri make all different kinds of cakes like hand made cake, floral cake, large/tall cake, hanging cake, floating cake, fusion cake etc. Apart from cakes and pastries our bakeries in Jalpaiguri also provide some quick grab foods for the one who would like to take some quick food on the way.


Simply go to our website TruelyVerified and search for the Bakeries in Jalpaiguri near you. Based on your location, popularity, rating and reviews TruelyVerified will show you all the results based on the best bakeries near you. We also give the best deal from all the businesses listed with TruelyVerified.


  • Do bakers in Siliguri bake 5 tier cakes?
    Yes, some professional bakers shops in Siliguri bakes tire cakes.
  • What do baker shops sell other than cake?
    Most bakeries in Siliguri sell muffins, donutes, cookies, and other items with cake.
  • Do bakeries in Siliguri offer mid-night cake delivery for birthdays?
    Some of the bakeries offer midnight delivery in Siliguri. They may take some extra charges for that, it is better you consult it with the bakery before ordering your product.
  • How much does a 1kg cake cost?
    Usually the price varies on the basis of flavor and design of the cake. A 1kg cake costs approximately 500-600 but it may depend on the products.
  • Do bakers in Siliguri bake photo cakes?
    Some bakers in Siliguri bake photo cakes. But before ordering you ,may want to inquire and see some samples before ordering.