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Hotels provide temporary shelter, food and refreshments to the travelers. Hotels are available in various categories such as luxury hotels, cheap hotels, three star hotels, motels and guest houses. Almost all the hotels have their parking lot, a park, games room and a swimming pool. Most hotels are located in a prime location, easy to locate and near to the business areas. Hotel booking is online these days. You can get offers and great deals on occasions.

TruelyVerified brings the list of best hotels in Siliguri. Booking a hotel online with TruelyVerified has a lot of advantages. We choose only the best hotels and offer the best service of all time. People book hotels for accommodations and refreshments. We offer our best service and 24/7 security. Hotels listed with TruelyVerified also facilitate various kinds of business meetings and functions.


Check the hotel website: Go to our website TruelyVerified and check the hotels listed with us. It is good to check the hotel's website before booking.

Room size and type: Hotels provide single room, double room, family room, twin room etc. Hotels provide rooms and accommodations according to your requirements.

Location of the hotel: It is important to look for a proper location of your hotel. First you have to make sure the distance between your destination and the hotel. Hotels in Siliguri will look after all your details regarding which area is close to your workplace. TruelyVerified listed hotels make sure of your comfort and also provide transportation facility from your hotel to your destination.

All the facilities that the hotel will be providing: TruelyVerified provides a list of best hotels in Siliguri. All the hotels listed with TruelyVerified always provide AC rooms, Parking, Wi-fi and Breakfast. Although before booking you must check the website whether there are any costs associated with the facilities. Hotels provide all the facilities that may vary in their price.

Hotels primary clientele: Finding the primary clientele of the hotel is an important thing. Some hotels are renowned for business travelers, some are for couples and some are famous for family hotels. In this case it is important to check for the clientele of a hotel.

Cancellation policy: It is also important to check for cancellation policy. If by accident you cannot make it on time you may be able to cancel the booking or postpone it. Check the hotel's website before booking.

Cost of the hotel: Usually the cost of a hotel starts approximately from 500 to 40,000 per night or more. The cost also varies on factors like location, room type, service offered, type etc.


The hotel is a very important part of your trip and looking for a hotel online and choosing the one is difficult. However the difficult part is simplified by TruelyVerified. Simply go to our website TruelyVerified and search for the hotels online. TruelyVerified will bring you the list of best hotels near your location. Fill up the detail list and explore all the best hotels with TruelyVerified. Based on the reviews and ratings given by the previous traveler you can choose your stay easily.


  • What documents do I need to check in at a hotel?
    You need to show a Government approved photo ID with your address mentioned in it. For foreigners they have to show their visa and passport. This is for the safety purposes and the hotel staff will take a photocopy of your document.
  • Do we have to pay a reservation fee?
    Most of the hotels in Siliguri will not charge a reservation fee. It would be good to check it with the hotels beforehand.
  • Is there any age requirement for booking a hotel?
    Different hotels have different requirements but yes booking a hotel in Siliguri has a minimum age requirement and you can book a hotel from 21.
  • What payment modes are accepted by hotels?
    All hotels accept all kinds of payment modes such as credit card, debit card, UPI, cash etc.
  • Do all the hotels provide free fooding?
    Most of our hotels offer breakfast from the hotel's side. For lunch and dinner they will pay you extra charge.