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Mobile phones are a part of our daily life. We keep our contacts, important notes, precious pictures etc. in our mobile phone. And if the mobile got lost or broken or anything happened to a phone that would affect our daily routine. TruelyVerified brings you the best solutions for your mobiles. From servicing your mobiles to exchanging and buying a new one or to repair a broken mobile phone we offer all kinds of best services.


We will show you all the results for the best mobile dealers near you. Simply go to our website TruelyVerified and search for the mobile dealers near you. According to your location, ratings, reviews and popularity, TruelyVerified will show all the best selected results for you. TruelyVerified will help you choose the best mobile shop near you. Not only we offer the best dealers but also we provide servicing of your mobile and all kinds of mobile repair service.


As mobile phones have become a greater part of us these days, we not only use mobile for calling or chatting but the mobile phone also turned into a piece of 24 hours entertainment in our hands. People get addicted to their mobile games and many advanced features.

We all love to have a mobile for ourselves and there are many brands of mobiles in the market these days. There are well known and lesser known mobile brands in a particular mobile shop. With a large variety of mobiles there in the shop it will be easy to choose a good one. Our professionals will help you find a perfect one for you.


  • The storage (2GB/3GB/4GB/6GB/8GB/64GB/120GB)
  • Build quality
  • Processor
  • Display of the mobile
  • Battery life
  • Camera and resolution
  • Audio and speakers
  • OS version
  • Security

All the buyers should know about these basic things before buying a mobile phone. You should look for better storage in your phone, build quality like the phone is made of glass back or the screen of the mobile phone is small or sensitive etc. Processors like the higher the processor the smoother your phone works. Display of the mobile like if your mobile screen is big or small. Battery life is the most important thing to look for as we all want a phone that lasts for a long time.

Camera is the main attraction of a mobile phone as we capture everything in a picture. To those who want to listen to music the audio quality of a phone should be good and specific. Mobile phones have different versions and buyers should definitely go for the OS version. Phone security is the most important part because privacy is important. You should check for screen lock policies like fingerprint unlock, face unlock, id and passwords.


  • Can I sell my old mobile phone and buy a new one at your mobile dealer shop?
    Since we are mobile dealers you can exchange your old mobile phone. We can give you good offers in exchange for your old phone with a new one.
  • Can I pre-order the latest model before it comes out in the market?
    Yes, you can if you are interested in buying a brand new model. You should check with the dealer first about how soon they will fetch it for you.
  • Can I also purchase phone accessories?
    Most mobile dealer shops sell phone accessories like mobile case, temper glasses, earbuds cover, etc.
  • Do all the mobile shops open 24 hours?
    Mobile shops have their own timing. Some of them also open on Sunday but you may like to speak or check online before going to a shop.