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As a living human being we all love pets. The pets are always loyal to us and they are adorable. Mostly we see dogs, cats, fishes, birds, horses etc as pets kept in one's house. Sometimes pets became our emotional support. Humans keep pet animals because they are loyal to their owners and they are playful and bring joy to your house.


TruelyVerified helps you fulfill your dream of having a pet. Simply select our website TruelyVerified and go to the search bar and search for pets. Based on your location, ratings, popularity and reviews we provide you the best and popular pet shops/adoption center near you. Our pet shops assist you find the best breed and if you have anything in mind we have all the kinds in the Siliguri pet shop. To find the best pet shop in Siliguri just go to TruelyVerified and you will find the perfect pet shop for you.


In Siliguri there are many pet shops and they have a wide range and varieties of pets. Along with pets they sell a variety of pet toys, pet foods, medicine etc. Pets need special types of nutritious foods and biscuits and they all are provided by our pet shops. TruelyVerified listed pet shops provide top line pet products and supplies for pets all in just one click with TruelyVerified.

All kinds of pets and pet products available under one roof in Siliguri. Such as:

  • Beds for dogs and cats
  • Shampoo and conditioner for pets
  • Collars and belts
  • Brushes, combs and trimmers for dogs and cats
  • Bird food and supplements
  • Bowls and Feeders
  • Fish food and aquariums
  • Dental treats


  • Can I adopt a pet from a pet shop?
    Yes, you can. There are many breeds of dogs, cats in our pet shop and you can adopt any one of them.
  • Can I buy a product for a specific dog breed from Siliguri pet shop?
    Yes, most pet shops in Siliguri have food products for dogs which are specially designed for a special breed.
  • What products should I purchase for my dog from a pet shop?
    You can purchase dog food, dog bed, dog shampoo, dog grooming products, belts etc from a pet shop.
  • Can I return a product purchase for my dog from a pet shop in Siliguri?
    Most pet shops accept a return policy but if the seal is broken or the packet is open we will not return the product and we only return the product if you show the bill you get while purchasing.
  • Do pet shops in Siliguri provide vitamins and medicines for pets?
    Yes, we sell all kinds of supplements, vitamins and medicines necessary for pets.