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We all love to visit restaurants as we all have our favorites or a favorite dish. You can always explore more meals, dishes and beverages. TruelyVerified have listed all the best restaurants in Prayagraj west Bengal. And now TruelyVerified is giving you the chance to explore delicious foods in your hometown. You can enjoy the dishes with your family, friends and loved ones. It is never too much to pamper yourself with the food that makes you happy. They say food is the love language to your stomach and yes now you can enjoy all the love with our best restaurants in Prayagraj.

A Restaurant is where you can go with your friends to hang out and explore some delicious meals. You can come with your family to have some quality time with your loved ones and you can always treat yourself with a happy meal.


There are many types of restaurants and you can explore every restaurant with TruelyVerified.

Family restaurant:A family restaurant is where you can have some quality time with your family and loved ones. Food always s[eak the love language and you can always experience that taste of love with your family.

Fine Dining restaurant:Fine dining is a formal dining where the food is presented in an elegant way and the food is prepared by the professional chefs and presented in a modern way. The taste of the dishes are extravagant. You can visit fine dining with your near and dear ones.

Casual dining restaurant:Casual dining restaurant is a full time restaurant where they have foods that will serve in a casual way. Most of them have a local food menu and the casual dining is packed all the time because of the local food they make.

Fast food:Fast food restaurants are the most popular restaurants as they serve pre-cooked or ready to eat foods. The fast food restaurants are cheaper in price with tasty food. Fast food restaurants are mostly known everywhere.

Buffet restaurants:Buffet restaurants are a type of restaurant where the customers can have whatever they want from the food counter and they do self service and have no restriction or limitation in having the meals.

Chinese restaurants:A Chinese restaurant is a restaurant where you get specific Chinese dishes. Chinese food has an extraordinary taste with varieties of dishes. You should definitely try Chinese food with your family, friends and loved ones.

Dhaba:A dhaba is a roadside restaurant where we specially get Punjabi dishes. It is specially located near a bus stop or near any car stops. They specifically have veg and non-veg dishes.

Cafes and Pubs:Cafes is a place where you go to hang and have coffee, tea and other beverages with snacks and other lite meals, cakes, pastries etc. You go to pubs to enjoy with friends. Some music, dancing and you get to drink some alcohol. Pubs are licensed bars where they serve alcohol and other beverages.


  • How much does a meal at restaurants cost?
    Mostly an average cost of a meal at any restaurant will be between 500-1000 but it depends on what and how much you are ordering.
  • Can I make a reservation at any restaurant in Siliguri in advance?
    Yes, you can visit the restaurant website and make a reservation in advance.
  • Do restaurants make specific customized dishes?
    Yes, our chefs can make that possible for you. Our chefs make a note and prepare a dish according to your requirement.
  • Do restaurants in Siliguri provide home delivery?
    Most of the restaurants in Siliguri offer home delivery and takeaways, for you to enjoy your meal at home.
  • Do restaurants offer discounts on meals?
    During the festive season or a milestone occasion restaurants offer huge discounts on meals for our deal customers.