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As we all agree that we all love shopping, but going from store to store just to find that perfect fit is frustrating. TruelyVerified brings the best online shopping stores where you find all kinds of costumes, designer dresses, thrift shops etc. Our online shopping website is an answer to all those working people who won't have time for shopping. You can explore all the stores online with the help of TruelyVerified.


There are plenty of online shopping stores in Siliguri but TruelyVerified brings you the list of all the selected stores. TruelyVerified listed stores offer you varieties of products. From clothes to all different kinds of skincares, curtains, home decor etc. You can shop a variety of things online. You can shop from anywhere and you can shop anything online.

Here are some TruelyVerified popular shopping stores:

Fashion and Lifestyle: Searching for a perfect cloth and jewelry to go with the outfit will be a much time consuming thing for one. When you shop with us on our website TruelyVerified you can easily save your time, search effortlessly and find all the varieties you want. Online shopping website Siliguri has all the things that you need, just go to our website and explore the good fashion.

Furniture and Home Decor: We want our house to look good and for that we buy home decor and furniture. Choosing furniture online will save your time and you can have varieties of options online.

Groceries and Essentials: The online shopping apps have made people's life much easier. TruelyVerified focus on making our dear customers' lives easy with online shopping. You can order groceries and all other essentials online through our website TruelyVerified. It is much easier to order online than to go physically to the shop to grab some items.

Medicines: Online shopping makes people's lives easier. They bring medicines to your doorsteps within a few hours. You can buy any doctor prescribed medicine from our website online at


  • Doorstep delivery.
  • Return/ exchange of the product in case of any damage.
  • Varieties of options like brands, stores, quality, colors etc.
  • Offers, discounts and coupons offered.
  • Discounts to regular customers.
  • Comfort of shopping whenever and wherever you are.
  • Good customer helpline service.

Discover the best shopping experience with TruelyVerified. Simply go to our website and scroll through selected categories which you like. One you open our website and start searching for a particular store. TruelyVerified will show all the requested stores according to your location, ratings and reviews etc. You can also direct contact with the store for more details.


  • Does TruelyVerified have a return/refund policy?
    There are certain terms and conditions on online shopping, most of them do return and refund policy but that depends on the package. If the package is used or opened we will not return the product. Some of the items do not have a return and refund policy. It's best to contact the store directly.
  • Are there any discount offers on online purchasing?
    Yes, many of our shopping apps offer discounts and other exciting offers.
  • How long does it take to deliver a product from an online store?
    Usually an online delivery will take a week to deliver, it may not take more than 10 working days. You should enquire all the time and date before ordering.
  • What are the payment options on online shopping?
    Our online shopping website eccept verious payments options. Such as card, cash, debit, UPI etc.
  • What are the price costs available on online shopping websites ?
    All the price are resonable and average. The price also depends on the product and quality.