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Dentists are medical health professionals who take care of our oral health. Dentists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and condition of our teeth. Dentist listed by TruelyVerified uses the modern equipment and technologies to conduct tests and to treat dental health problems.


Braces: Braces are used to align the teeth and to fill the gaps between the teeth. Braces are devices used by orthodontics to correct the alignment of teeth.

Bridges and implants: Bridges and implants are for those who want to replace their damaged teeth with other artificial teeth. Dental bridges can only be used to fill the gap between your original teeth. Dental implants are metal frames that are surgically put under your jawbone under your jaw so that the replacement teeth are mounted on the frame with screws.

Crowns and caps: Dentists in Patna fit various types of crowns and capes over a tooth that has been broken, decayed, stained or misshaped. Crowns are made according to the shape of your teeth and it is made up of metal, porcelain, acrylic.

Filling and repairs: To treat a cavity or decayed teeth dentists remove the decayed portion of the teeth and fill the vacuum with different types of filling like, metal filling, silver filling, amalgam filling etc. fillings are also used to repair cracked or partly broken teeth by dentists.

Gum surgery: Gum infection causes inflammation and damaged bone and tissue. To treat the disease dental doctors perform a small surgery to lift the gum open and clean the infectious bacteria out.

Oral cancer screening: As the oral cancer develops in the cells of the mouth, throat or tongue dentist will check and do the screening to stop the spread of cancer disease.

Root canals: Root canals are treated to cure the infected root of the teeth. Dentists will clean the infected root of the teeth and after cleaning the infected part the dental doctors will seal the tooth from further infections.

Teeth whitening: The color of the teeth darkens due to many reasons and because of that the teeth become yellow day by day. The dentist will use a special kind of gel and UV lamps for the teeth whitening procedure.


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  • How often should I consult a dentist?
    You should consult with a dentist at least once a year for checkup or if you face any dental problems.
  • Is dental cleaning a safe procedure?
    Yes, dental cleaning procedure is also known as scaling and it is safe. Dental cleaning is a procedure which involves cleaning and getting rid of stains or food from the teeth.
  • What are the charges and fees for a dentist?
    An approximate charge for a dentist is between Rs 300 - Rs 2,000.
  • What is a dental filling?
    Dental filling is a procedure where the dentist fills the cavity with systematic material after cleaning the tooth.
  • Why do dentists take x-rays?
    For better diagnostics of the dental alignments dentists perform x-rays.