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Doctors are specialized in their particular fields, there are many different categories of doctors. Surgeon is a specialized doctor who is especially trained to perform surgeries and save many people's lives. A surgeon doctor is responsible for a wide range of conditions requiring surgery.

There are many types of surgeons. Some surgeons perform surgery of the stomach, some are neurosurgeons, some do laparoscopic surgery, endocrine surgery etc. TruelyVerified helps you find the best surgeons in Kurseong. Our online company TruelyVerified lists the best surgeons and specialists in Kurseong.


A surgeon first diagnoses their patients problems and proceeds with his/her condition needing a surgery or not. Before doing all those a various number of tests and examinations and tests are recommended to confirm a diagnosis. Then the surgeon decides if the patient is healthy enough to undergo a surgery. Different Surgeons do different operations and diagnoses depending on their problems.

Role of a surgeon does not end with just a surgery, they have a vital part to play after the surgery. The surgeons have to check constantly how the patient is doing after the surgery. They have to make sure whether the patient is coping up after the surgery. In Kurseong a general surgeon doctor plays a vital role and has a huge contribution in the medical field. Surgeons play a very important role in a medical field, they cure many people through surgery.

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  • Trauma surgery/ Surgical critical care.
  • Laparoscopic surgery.
  • Colorectal surgery.
  • Breast surgery.
  • Vascular surgery.
  • Endocrine surgery.
  • Transplant surgery.
  • Skin grafting.


  • Will the general surgeon in Siliguri assist with post-Surgical care?
    Yes, after the surgery the surgeon will instruct you on post-operative care. You must follow all the instructions to heal quickly.
  • Does health insurance cover the surgeon fees?
    Yes, the health insurance will cover your surgeon fees. You must inform your insurance company before the surgery to avoid any problems claiming your insurance.
  • Do surgeons recommend tests before a surgical procedure?
    Yes, before going to any kind of surgery doctors will recommend you to undergo tests to rule out any issues. Doctors recommend tests before surgery to prevent any complications during the surgical procedure.
  • Is a referral from a general physician mandatory before visiting a general surgeon in Siliguri?
    Mostly a referral is not mandatory for an appointment with a surgeon. But in some cases the general physician does refer you to the surgeon regarding your case.
  • What happens on their first visit to a general surgeon?
    While visiting the surgeon for the first time you do have to carry all your previous documents and tests reports. The surgeon will study all your reports and after that the surgeon will recommend what's best for you.