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When it comes to a problem like short circuit, switchboard, rewiring and other regarding electricity, you can always rely on the best electricians in Patna. TruelyVerified helps you connect with the best electricians in town. They are highly professional skilled electricians in Patna. Electricians of Patna are really good at their job.


When it comes to wires and cables we need help from an expert and to make our jobs easy, TrulyVerified brings you the best professional electrician in Patna. Electricians in Patna help you repair electrical problems at commercial and residential places. To prevent short circuits and fires our ,b>electricians helps you prevent faulty wiring. Our Residential Electricians and Industrial Electricians will help you anytime.


Electricians played a vital role in giving us light, keeping us cozy and making our homes bright at night. Most of it all, better wiring in a house or an office is important. Faulty wiring can cause a lot of damage and fire.

  • We value your safety and we examine every wire and provide you safe and tension free wiring.
  • Our electrical management service provides 24hours emergency service related electricity.
  • Our esteemed professional gives you the best service with all the best quality electronics and the guarantee so that you can save much time for future worries.


Our charges depend on the services depending on your need. For major repair or maintenance the electrician shares an estimate after the service. The service charge or visiting charge does not include the material cost or repair cost. Please keep in mind the service charge depends on the different service centers.


  • Do electrician stores in Siliguri do home delivery?
    Yes, some of the electrical stores do home delivery for the convenience of our dear customers.
  • Do electricians in Siliguri provide emergency service?
    In case of any electrical emergency, our electrical management service will be open 24hours for your help.
  • Can I replace the electrical parts which I bought from the store?
    Yes, you can but for that you have to show us the receipt we give to you at the time of purchase and the product should not be broken or used in order to replace.
  • Do electricians change my AC socket?
    Yes, they can. The electricians are trained professionals and very skilled workers. They can change your AC socket and they can also do many other AC related tasks.
  • Which is the safest wire for my house?
    Most of the electricians use copper wire for internal wiring and it is good and best for house wiring.